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Conscious Connected Breathing

Although I teach a variety of breathing techniques, I believe the deepest work happens in a series of one-on-one Conscious Connected Breathing (aka Rebirthing Breathwork) sessions. This technique is often physically activating, and there is an increased awareness of feelings and sensations occurring in your body. But you may find yourself in a meditative state or deep relaxation. It’s not what most people think of as meditation. The intent is not in trying to clear your mind; rather you allow whatever to come up just be.

Private sessions

A breathwork coach facilitates sessions in which you are supported to experience the enhanced breath and its effect on your body in a safe atmosphere. I help you in processing challenges with a multitude of tools, until you feel equipped enough to support yourself. The choice to be supported in a private session is an act of self compassion. Learning breathwork to clear energetic blocks is an act of self efficacy.

Rebirthing breathwork: $120 per session; $500 for 5 sessions.
Mindful breathwork: Sliding scale


"I've never tried a breathwork session before..."

If you're curious about breathwork sessions, but have more questions, feel free to leave me a message and I will be happy to chat with you via e-mail or phone.