Why Breathwork?

the breath is accessible to everyone

Breathwork describes all kinds of techniques designed to manipulate our breathing in ways to bring about specific benefits and effects. Breathwork practices reach back far into human history; many cultures have explored and figured out ways to work with the breath to bring about transformative experiences.

Why? My guess is that as long as we are alive, and in need of healing, we all have access to this one resource: the natural ability to breathe. Access to other resources, such as money, healers, or even our other physical abilities, is variable. The breath is a great equalizer in that way.

Healing can begin with a breath. By consciously refocusing on our breathing, our emotional, psychological, and physical well-being can shift. We now know that meditative practices rewire the brain. We experience the emotional release in our bodies when we breathe through a stressful event. The human history of using breathing exercises to change the course of our conscious and subconscious experiences is embedded in our DNA.

Years ago, I had a medical condition that not only affected me physically but wreaked havoc on my hormone levels and emotional moods as well. It was exacerbated by the overwhelming level of stress in my life at the time. And the medical treatments offered to me would mean a lifetime of medication and surgery.

When I finally confronted the original cause of stress in my life, the condition came under control with medication. When I began practicing breathwork and self care, the physical condition abated and medication was no longer needed.

There’s also another reason I choose breathwork. For me, the energy of breathwork is epitomized by compassion for the self and for the whole. When we return our attention to the breath, regardless of what is happening out there, we are choosing to be kind to ourselves. Whenever we demonstrate true compassion, we come into harmony with the rhythm of the community around us.