Abundance starts here

Our city, our country and our world is struggling with anxiety and fear on new levels. As I use breathwork and meditation to manage my own levels, it’s given me the clarity to realize that we are sinking further into a scarcity energy. It’s not hard to see how this plays out…panic buying in the markets, worrying about how to pay our bills when businesses are being shuttered, and healthcare professionals alarming us to a shortage of life saving medical gear.

Our own breath gets constricted when we are in fear. This is what change and upheaval does to us: we cling harder to what brings us comfort, as well as to the things that we think we need to survive this revolution. We notice when those things begin to dwindle and we have to begin letting go. Because it is in our best interest to rise to a new experience of being. 

The only way forward is to let go. Let go of the fearful thoughts, no matter what is going on. Replace them with safe thoughts. Then pleasing thoughts. Then thoughts of abundance. 

We can choose to stay hunkered down in fear or we can choose to take a step forward in raising our collective consciousness in abundance. Humans are resilient. More so we are innovative. And this is a moment in time that is forcing us to let our old concepts of ourselves and the world fall away. 

To feel fear is rational. To feel momentarily frozen in fear is understandable even.

But to choose to do something about it, to depart from what is rational and understandable is the innovation we need at this moment. Choose prosperity. Choose wealth. Choose gratitude. Choose abundance…in everything we need to thrive: life, love, safety, health, money, resources, insights, solutions. Choose more than enough. Because we are more than enough. 

Intention is powerful. Choose to step into your potential. Choose to see potential in others. Choose to be birthed into new perspectives.  

Action bolsters intention. Breathe and move to a new dance. On each inhale, bring to mind an idea of abundance. When we all practice this new way of being, we’ll see what solutions surface as an outcome.

When we breathe and meditate together, we can create a greater channel to release our anxieties and to invite positive change. And there is a plethora of support being offered in our communities right now. Contact me for ideas. 

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