Staying true

Commitment can be a momentous undertaking. It can also feel quite natural and logical, like the next step as part of a progression of events. It can be birthed when purpose and dedication come together with clarity.

Still, quite often it feels like a decision we have to make with some gravitas, and so it feels like the responsible action is not to commit when we don’t believe we can.

Commitment often entails:

  • investing in the longer road and the bigger picture
  • showing up and actively contributing
  • being supportive, dedicated and devoted
  • keeping the faith through challenges
  • loving even the conflicts and bumps along the way
  • finding a way to make it work
  • trusting it will work

In life, we are often asked to commit to something, whether it is to a relationship, a career, a home, for example. And we create all sorts of contracts to finalize the act, which can remind us of our values when we run into obstacles to being in integrity with that commitment. For better or worse, we do tend to give more value to the things we have to work hard at. And sometimes we underestimate what we are capable of.

All those things that we usually decide to commit to are external to ourselves. We can fathom making a commitment to another person, to family, to the job. And tend to overlook the self making those decisions. 

When was the last time you made a commitment to yourself? To be devoted and emotionally supportive for you? To receive as much as you give out? 

To keep showing up when things get tough? To promise to value the ups and downs of your growth? 

To be faithful and trust that the work you have been investing in your own healing will reap just rewards?  To love all the different shades of stardust that make you who you are? 

Don’t we deserve that?

The answer is yes. 

Forever and always.

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