The dream that wakes us

We all daydream.  Many of us strive to find a passion, a purpose, something that seems to make our lives worthwhile. Sometimes that passion or purpose eludes us because we want it so much.

And yet when we do land on a dream that resonates deeply, oftentimes the fear of failing keeps us from pursuing that dream. Sometimes it is the fear of succeeding that holds us back. We may try to talk down the dream and our attachment to it.

The upside is that both fears alert us to an opportunity for growth. Asking us to push outside our comfort zone, and shake up our notion of identity in order create something new for ourselves and for the world we live in.

The only way to move towards a dream is with a firm intention and a first step in that direction. Begin to set your compass in that direction. Begin vocalizing your dreams, writing about them, planning for their reality. One foot in front of the other. And the right people and opportunities will come out to support us. Breathe and take that in.

Succeed or fail, when we take those steps, we become an inspiration to the many people who want to do it too. Succeed or fail, we immediately make an impact on the world. And in my opinion, that in itself is enough for a life worth living. 

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