Switching the track

There are times I forget what day this is, even which month we are in. More often now the music is turned down. Netflix turned off. And I hear something similar is happening all around me too.

We are switching the track from endless stimulation to increasing moments of quiet. An amazing occurence for New Yorkers in particular. The quiet is giving us a chance to reevaluate how we live. I find it easier now to be conscious of where I am putting my attention and where my thoughts are leading me before I get to the destination. This awareness affords me a chance to choose which ideas to explore and which to let go.

My New York apartment has become a womb; I hear the birds and their morning song, the urgency of the sirens, the clamor of beating pots with the enthusiastic cheering of my neighbors at 7pm every evening…all as if through a veil. Inside, the increasing comfort with silence begins to feels rich and dense. But it is anything but stagnant…it holds the potential of everything.

Being in the womb allows new concepts the time to mature and absorb the energy we give it.  It is a precious, powerful opportunity to plant the seeds for a new experience, perhaps much more authentic and grander than we’ve ever had. What we choose to focus on now will grow. And it will determine how we will continue on once we leave this womb.

This week, a couple of dear friends and I offer opportunities to continue exploring this collective experience in community.

  • Caroline, and I are bringing Rebirthing Breathwork and Reiki together for another evening of gentle healing session this Thursday, April 16th @ 8pm.
  • My dear friend Dara and I are introducing a writing and breathwork workshop to help us all begin processing this collective experience. Sunday, April 19th @ 3pm

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