Change is only a breath away

For years now, there are times when I say Breathwork, people look at me blankly…and I guess that their inner dialogue goes something like this:

Why do I have to think about my breathing? Doesn’t it kinda do itself? 

I will say Breathwork is a funny combination of words. Most of us are lucky enough that our breathing requires no more thought than our heart beating. Why in the world would breathing be work if I’ve been doing this all my life?

I don’t think we could breathe wrong. The breath is a gift that keeps us going. The thing more people are realizing now is that using simple methods to consciously manipulate how we breathe, and to breathe more optimally, brings about life changing experiences. 

For a few years now, I’ve been teaching people to think about their breath, and how to use their breathing to create change, in their physical and emotional experiences. Most importantly these changes help to manifest and realize our biggest dreams. 

Specifically, Rebirthing Breathwork offers a range of experiences for different people; if there is a common goal, it would probably be to offer a new experience of release and liberation. I find that the mind will chatter all it wants, but as we get more present in the body, we gradually find our thoughts less interesting and they will have less control over us. 

Join me for the Change Is Only A Breath Away workshop to find out more.  Hope to see you soon!

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