Free spirit

What does it mean to be free? 

In the day to day of living here in New York City, I observe the diversity of people and stories around me… and many times have felt gratitude for all the choices available to us. There are many moments I turn on autopilot and pass through without looking up as well. But the array of choices I make about how I live, how I think, how I interact with others…these are much more than my ancestors ever had. And I’ve come to internalize that my experience of freedom is my sense of security in my world. 

Above all, freedom is an inside job. Sometimes the things that make us feel most constricted or weigh us down the most are not imposed by others. They are the things we either chose or accepted into our lives long ago.

There is little we can do to avoid the natural ebb of ups and downs of life. A lot of times, the situations we are born into force our hand. But if you claim to love life, you aspire to value all of it. And the precious sense of freedom comes from that simple choice: to value all of life’s experiences and to live up to the moment. 

So that we may feel unbounded by the constrictions we feel most attached to. Or to the things we resist the most but keeps showing up at the table uninvited. All of that can continue to happen, while understanding with a deeper knowing, that joy is not conditional. That is the inside job I aspire to accomplish. 

I would love for you to join me. Beginning now, I am launching a monthly offering of various options to support your self care practices. And to create meeting spaces for community to support each other. Every month, you can breathe with us in a Rebirthing Breathwork group, talk to others about stress relieving exercises, and/or check in virtually to develop a morning practice. I will be here. 

Here is a choice to break the patterns that you no longer accept. To consciously choose to explore a change. Or many changes. That is up to you. 

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