What is possible with breathwork?

As another Thanksgiving comes and goes, I am grateful that there is at least one day in the year when we focus on counting our blessings, and sharing those with others when we can. This is a holiday of cultural significance, as many of us were taught a story about its origin growing up in this country. Whether we still subscribe to that story or not, Thanksgiving remains an unequivocal reminder about the value of gratitude and the importance of community.

So I am grateful for the friends and family who have graced my life with their loving, generous, and at times, extraordinary ability to show up…for others and for themselves. One of these people is my friend Julie, who I had the honor of coaching through ten breathwork sessions. She has graciously allowed me to share with community this following recollection of a moment in time in her own transformation.

May it offer you a glimpse (or reminder) of what is possible with the breathwork and a commitment to healing:

In today’s session, I was proud of myself…clearly recognizing a shift in my own processing of thoughts, behavioral patterns, the shift in the mental voice and the obvious changes therein. Major themes arose today: my arrival being easy and supported; to trust in the innate universal support for all my decisions and then, in turn, learning to help others do the same; allowing the universe to provide me with what I need and want; welcoming a life where money comes easily to me and from multiple sources.

Today, during my breathe, I felt myself recognizing some of the fruits of my labor (listening to affirmations being coached, acknowledging and honoring them for the power and truth they hold for me in that moment.) The last session (#6) was the first session where not only did I not cry, but I actually felt myself smiling throughout the entire breathe. This session, I can feel myself positioned differently, aligned more with my own true self. I saw a change and felt assured of the path I am on, of the means I have chosen to grow and seek to improve myself.

I can’t help but be grateful to Catherine for this life-altering gift, but I too am grateful that I chose to be present enough to admit this change is actively evolving me from the inside out in only positive ways. Fear cannot hold anything over the power I have within. Anger cannot position me once it has been released, and it continues to be released with every easy breath I take and exhale.

My mind has been conditioned over time in order to adapt to the social climate we live in today, often cold/hostile/aggressive/unforgiving. With Rebirthing, I am working back to the innocence of the real me, filled with love, and I hope to better understand the meaning behind the gifts and experiences that have been and continue to be brought to me. I believe, in doing this, I am brought close to my best self on every level, and I increase the volume of positivity I reap from the mental imagery and affirmations I use with my breath and the law of attraction in mind.

If you appreciated this share, please take a moment to send Julie some thoughts of appreciation. I’m positive she will feel it! 

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